Mozzcato Premium Anastasia Raya Hamper

Mozzcato Premium Anastasia Raya Hamper

1 bundle
Price per unitRM499.00 / each
Disclaimer: The Price May Vary From In Store Content: Tropical Pineapple Shortcake, Annabella Seafood Seaweed Crunch,Charlotte Handmade Peanut Candy BonBon, Chocolate Fudge Cookies, Annabella Exquisite Savory Treats, Assorted Flavor Chocolate Peanut Balls, White Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence, Cavali Durian Coffee, Crunchy Cranberry Cornflakes Crepes, Handmade Fruit & Nuts Nougat in Tincan, Dark Choco Peanut Oaties Shortbread, Premier Salute Sparkling Grape Juice, Handcrafted Imported Batik Sarong, Imported Turkish Rugs & Colorful Beads, Imported Turkish Small Rugs And Assorted Chocolate Cookies in Beaded Box
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